Core Ideology

STEP ideology
Our Purpose:
We believe that anyone can achieve whatever they need and want.
Our purpose is to help people and companies find their path to success.
That’s our passion.
That’s our commitment.


Core Values

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!
Remember Muhammad Ali? Both inside and outside the ring, he moved with beauty and purpose. But don’t let his grace fool you. With his keen eye focused on the prize, he was oriented toward action. Like Ali, we analyze the clutter and focus on moving forward.

I have a glass!
Some think the glass is half full. Others, half empty. We recognize that we have a glass and we’re grateful for it. What we do with it is up to us. We approach problems the same way. No problem is without a solution, without an opportunity to learn, without a hurdle that can’t be crossed.

The wise man on the mountain!
The wise man listens and asks questions. He lives with compassion, integrity, and honesty. He trusts himself and others fiercely. He seeks to understand and empathize. Only then does he speak.

Try. Try. Try!
If our body, mind, and spirit are invested, it’s impossible to give up trying. We dig deep and we’re resourceful. We are problem solvers, activators, adaptable, and maximizers. Nothing gets swept under the rug.

Stay in love! Share the love!
We have a passion for what we do, and with passion comes fun. If it’s not fun, we find a way to make it better. We live with abundance and want to share the joy of our work.

Who is Sean Evans?