How We Work

STEP How We Work
How would you feel about growing your business faster and more profitably?
Would you like to spend less time in the business and more time on the business?
Would you like to create more time to focus your energy on other important things in your life?

The Four Decisions™ methodology is rooted in running and growing your business through implementing a proven, sustainable, straightforward framework, and establishing a set of goods habits to live by – The Rockefeller Habits.

Our workshop-based process will systematically walk you through the fundamental elements of building your strategic execution plan, establish your good habits, and provide you with crystal clear clarity on your:

Business model
How do you make money and get cash coming through the door faster?

Core Ideology
What are your core values and core purpose, and how do you bring them to life to energize your employees?

Brand Promise
Can you articulate a clear, succinct promise to your customers that differentiates you from your competitors?

Do you have an underlying “10x times advantage” that you can exploit over competitors to win?

Annual and Quarterly Priorities
What are your most critical short-term goals that drive alignment and long-term performance?

Rockefeller Habits Checklist
What can you do to free up time to work on the business and reduce time working in the business?

Meeting Rhythm
Do you have effective way of communicating that allows the flow of information throughout your organization?

How do you measure success?

We’ve seen the results and they can be astounding. Greater revenue growth, higher profitability, greater cash flow…and more time!